Friday, 24 October 2014

Test shot of Dakota and Horsa Glider, before and after a moving cloud layer has been added in Aftereffects to enhance the distance from the 1/72nd planes and full scale Czech hedgehog. (Beach obstacle).  There's a slight wobble in the planes which needs fixing.


  1. I did a similar thing several years ago. I filmed 2 dakota V-formations passing overhead. One full V formation the other partially visiable. I used about seven or eight model aircraft and placed them on a thin plastic foil that was tensed in a large frame. The propellors were not visable as would be normal at the usual aircraft hight. I placed the camera on a trolley and moved this underneath. If you look at the film you get the impression the aircraft are passing and the camera is fixed! You will get reall clouds in the background.
    You could place a large scale object, lamp post / house corner, on the trolley so it will move with the camera. This will enhance the impression of a fixed camera position.
    The ground floor needs to be smooth as possible.

  2. I will try that as and when I reshoot it to avoid the wobble in the planes that is visible and it would be a way of getting a faster pass through on the planes. I still think you would need a cloudless sky because the clouds would pass through shot along with the planes only a bit slower?

  3. The clouds are actually good! They should not move too fast. Because they are up high, they will stay in view when you have passed underneath the aircraft. This actually enhances the impression that the aircraft have passed. Almost like a fixed position in the air. I also thought about putting cut out photographs on the plastic sheet. If this would work you also could try Stirling /Halifax aircraft and hamilcar gliders.

  4. If the cloud formation was just two clouds in a blue sky above the plane, then you'd notice the clouds moving in the direction of the plane? What would be interesting is if the clouds were blowing diagonally across the sky as the camera moves in a north south direction.
    The cut out idea sounds interesting.