Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Horsa Glider storyboard crash sequence

Storyboard sequence intercut with model shoot of Dakota and Horsa glider. The scanned super 8 model shots were imported into Aftereffects and binocular masks added. Story drawings were also imported into Aftereffects and intercut with the model shots. I went with the standard Hollywood binocular mask as a single circular mask (as it should really be) looked like either a telescope view or an old silent movie shot when attention needed to be focused on the action they would use a circular mask. The last shot will be done with a hanging miniature of a larger Horsa model. Both the Dakota and Horsa models are 1/72 scale. The Horsa model was filmed at 50fps running down wires, the Dakota was filmed at 24fps and pulled along wires. I want to reshoot both model shots on 16mm, which will give me a larger frame area with more detail.